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Cheap Valentines Day Ideas To Impress Your BF!!

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

Showing your love shouldn’t always cost you a fortune. It is well said, there are people with money and then there are rich people. The bottom line is, you better be rich in love instead of rich in money. So if you are looking for Cheap Valentines Day Ideas to show him how much you love, indulge yourself with the following.

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas To Impress Your BF!!

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas


Whatever you want to do, spoil or not, finding the perfect gift can be intimidating but it shouldn’t be always like this.  When you are handing him such thoughtful personal DIY presents, you will show him how much you care for him. To help you do that, following we are suggesting some Cheap Valentines Day Ideas.

  • Instagram

The walls can be pretty bare so you will need to save that for have a beer and keep calm posts. Instead of buying something overpriced, why don’t you make him a photo collage to brighten up his dorm?  Just Instagram some of your cutest moments together. You can create a beautiful mess and craft your thoughtful gift. In addition, this is a great way for him to show his girlfriend to everyone.

  • Shirt Pillow

You cannot give your guy the build a bear cuddle as he falls asleep, or as long as you don’t want his friends to make fun of him. So be thoughtful and help your guy out with a pillow to sleep with. Get his favorite shirt and turn it into a pillow. This will be killing two birds with one stone, it will be a good gift and he will think of you when sleeping.

  • Love Letter

One of the best Cheap Valentines Day Ideas, just ditch the Facebook Chat, iMessage and Skype Dates and go for a handwritten mail in today’s word. There is nothing more personal than this today. Reading something handwritten instead of skimming paragraphs in typical Helvetica.

So sit down, grab a pen and paper to start writing him a love letter, he will be sure touched with the fact that you took time to put your feelings down in writing.  To top the cake with cherry, you can seal it with a kiss and make it extra special for him.

The Date

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

This will be even better! To take your guy out on a date without spending a lot of money, we are going to give you some Cheap Valentines Day Ideas that will sure win his heart.

  • Go On a Picnic

Make your guy an easy and delicious meal to take him out on a picnic. It can be anywhere, the living room of your apartment, floor of your dorm room, just throw a blanket on floor and light some candles. Now enjoy yourself without spending a fortune on a restaurant date.

  • Pamper Each Other

This is one of the few Cheap Valentines Day Ideas that are hard to forget.  Light some candles and put some soothing music on, now treat each other with messages. Relax your guy from his scalp to feet. Grab some massage lotion and make the experience even better, for the ultimate night out, make sure he returns the favor.

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