Happy Valentines Day Images Free Images download 2016

Happy Valentines Day Images: There are top 10 pictures of valentines day 2016. You can download free Happy Valentines Day Images Free Images download 2016 and express your feeling with Valentines Pictures.Valentines day is right around the corner and it’s time to spread the love. For once, you need to go out of the traditional way and be creative in your approach. To help you do so, we are giving you the following happy valentines day images. Take a deep look and learn where you can use them. Must View valentine’s day images.


Want to take some Happy Valentines Day Images? Better get your equipment ready! Whatever it is that you want, nature or lifestyle portrait, you can also do something creative. For instance, you can capture a stunning sunset to add inspiration, drama and romance into the whole thing. The fact is, people sneak out for 10-15 minutes at sunset to capture these images perfectly.


Starting our guide for how to take V-day pictures perfectly, we are starting with how you can capture romantic sunset pictures with following tips.


How to take Happy Valentines Day Images

Before you tear away a few guests, you need a head start on sunset photos by setting your camera exposure if time allows. Make sure the texture and detail of colouring in sky isn’t lost. Sunset makes the best Happy Valentines Day Images.  So keep ISO as low as possible and get the look you want in Background. Depending on how much light you got, keep ISO between 200-400. Try to keep the aperture wide open because it gives you most latitude with flash


Use Tripod

Tripod helps to stay consistent when taking shot. Keep ISO low and compose Happy Valentines Day Images just as you want them. It frees you to focus on direction the couple and adjust your off camera flash without re-framing each shot. Its really helpful when you don’t have an assistant


Choose a light Modifier

Now you are perfectly exposed for Happy Valentines Day Images background. It’s high time you introduce the flash. It’s better to work with one off camera flash, shot through a white umbrella. This will add a soft nice light on couple for an instant dramatic effect with sunset in background.


Tips to Take Romantic Images of Valentines Day

To get the perfect images of valentines day, you need to adjust flash power via a light modifier. Start the flash around 1/8 or ¼ power and adjust it from right there. Watch the shutter speed because you want to make sure you don’t creep too high to sync with the flash. This should be between 1/200 second or even slower. If the flash is too strong, adjust it down to get better lighting on the subject.


The fact is, you just can adjust shutter speed or aperture because it affects how the background looks. But, as the sun goes down, the background gets dark and you may want to slow shutter speed and open aperture to get the perfect images of valentines day.


Pose the Couple

Once you have taken care of settings, its time to grab the clients. Let them know what you have in mind, if it is dark, try using LED light to get camera to focus. Once focus is set, turn the autofocus and Lights off.


Shooting Better Valentines Day Pictures

Taking valentines day pictures without flash can be a real challenge but it depends on how much light you have. Get the couple to pose in front of sunset and create a silhouette effect for a dramatic and beautiful shot. You won’t need to choose with off camera this way. It’s good for quick and dramatic shoots without any extra equipment.


How to Make it Romantic

With V-day around the corner, love is in the air. So get your focus dialled on valentines day pictures. Romantic Photography is not about Prudish, it means something with more attention to detail and work in atmosphere as compared to regular portrait photography. With that being said, we are giving you away a few tips which will help you.


Lighting is Key, Low lights are romantic and you want to keep yourself a little dark instead of normal. Rely on more candles with dimmer effect. You can also get some other lights and gel which will have red, pink or orange shade to do the job. Keep the lights set so they backlight subject of the scene just to improve the romantic vibe.

valentines day food

Slow Down the Shutter for Valentines Images

With low lights, you will need a slow shutter speed with long exposure. So use a slower shutter for your valentines images and see how it works outs. For this, you will need a stable anchor to take a great shot, you may also need a good tripod to help you.

Valentines Day Food

Shallow Depth of Field

In simple words, you need to dial your focus in on subject and blur everything out in background.  If the focus in your photo is rose, and your love’s smile is in background. Kee your focus on the rose but make sure that the face is clear enough to be discernible.

Great Valentines Day Ideas

Use Props

Don’t be afraid to get silly setting up your shoot. Get some red velvet, white lace, some other red fabrics of different textures, sheen, roses, heart shaped candy boxes, fake pearls, diamonds, piano, anvil or whatever you want. Whatever you do, remember your valentines images should subject love. So don’t miss it!

what to do for valentines day


There is nothing less romantic than someone being upset, stressed out or angry. So you need to stay calm, have fun and try to relax. If you and the love of your live isn’t having fun capturing these photos, then the element of romance will be missing from your pictures.

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

Capturing the perfect valentines images is all about the perfect moment, but you can always set the stage with the outlined tips mentioned above.

Stun Everyone with your Valentines Day Images

Valentines Day is approach and it’s time to capture those ultimate romantic moments.  Valentines day images should be special and cute as they help to express your feelings. However, shooting the most romantic shots means you have to be well prepared and have a ton of ideas. With that mindset, let’s take a look at some V-day ideas to think for taking shots.

Good Valentines Day Ideas

Pick a Number of Locations

Outdoors is the best place to shoot romantic photos. There are so many places which will offer oyou natural and beautiful backdrops for your Valentines day images. These romantic locations can be tree, near a water body, a field filled with flowers or rowboat in middle of pond. When shooting outside you have natural light. Still you may need to use a fill flash to avoid harsh shadows falling on couple’s face.


The alternative to shoot outdoors is go back to studio and use soft lighting techniques. Get the couple seated at a table, on couch or in overstuffed chair together. Use a filter for light or lens and add a soft feel to the shot.


Focus on Positioning

Consider where you want the subjects as compared to background of your Valentines day images. Try dividing the frame into thirds vertically and horizontally and align the couple along imaginary lines to create a more interesting effect.  Have a background blurry as you want your viewers to focus on couple in the photograph instead of background.


Learn to Shoot The Unexpected Valentine’s Day Images

You should let the couple relax and enjoy their time together. So allow the two to act natural while you observe and prepare for your next valentine’s day images. Prepare to shoot any expected romantic moment which includes affectionate gazes, holding hands, walking together or what else. Just let them get as close to each other as they want.


Don’t be a Perfectionist

Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it! Have you ever heard of that?  We hope you do because Valentines Pictures are not about being perfect, it’s about you two being together. So, if you don’t miss it trying to be perfect. Let things flow as they are. The fact is, if you are too obsessed with getting the perfect shot, your special one may lose interest.  

Happy Valentines Day Images

Good photography is about taking your time, snapping shots from different angles and milking each moment, but not on a date. So ease up a bit!

Go Old School with Valentines Pictures

The Vintage photographs have their own romantic feeling. Therefore, you should try to shoot the couple in black and white or even in sepia tone. Moreover, you should encourage the couple to support vintage clothing and props. This will make the Valentines Pictures even more vintage. Romance of past ads a unique tone to portrait.


After all, Valentine’s Day is a time where you can be romantically creative. So use these tips to create something memorable. But before you shoot, you should sit down talk to the couple first and see what they have in mind. This will help you to exceed their expectations.

Happy Valentines Day Images Free Images download 2016

Happy Valentines Day Images

This is something different from all the Happy Valentines Day Images you will find there. It doesn’t have any fancy message or a proposal. Instead it’s a simple portrayal of what love really is, it’s about care and trust. We hope you get the message!

Happy Velentines day i

It is well said that there are no ifs and buts in love. If you really care for someone, you will always find time for the ones you love. There will be no excuses in this case. With that being said, we also want to let you know that if your date is busy on valentine, then you are side person, sorry to burst your bubble. Click here for valentines pictures.

Happy Valentines Day Images


Valentine’s day images

One of the best happy valentines day images you will find to express your feelings. Besides, what better way to say what’s in your heart than letting your favorite characters do it? This Disney shot perfectly captures everything you want to say to your date. Valentines images for download.

Valentines images

Nothing to get all teary here! This is something you should know. Instead of proving yourself again and again, getting crushed or what else. It’s better if you find someone who will care for you as much as you care for them. This is how it works. In fact this is the key of a healthy relation. With our happy valentines day images, we hope you get the message


Considering the fact that everyone is more of a situations than a relationship. This is something we should know about love, besides if you want someone to stay, you have to give them reason for it, or else the whole relationship will be headache for both of you. Let the happy valentines day images help you be honest with yourself.


The 4 things that everyone in the world need to hear from the ones they love. To be honest, this happy valentines day images sums it up perfect. The all royal theme with bold yet simple approach. With these 4 points, you will at least have the idea who cares for you and who pretends to. So be smart.


We wanted to do something different with our happy valentines day images for a change. Yes taking a break from the quotes and sayings, we wanted to keep it fun for once in a while. But we also wanted something practical. So we went straight for a comical question yet a straight forward, but creative proposal. So, good luck asking out!

Happy Valentines Day Images

Happy Valentines Day Images

Happy Valentines Day Images

This should be your tagline from now on. The happy valentines day images that catche the magic of v-day better than anything else. It’s a proposal and a way to cheer up your loved one. Apart from it, this will also make a create wallpaper. Must Follow On G+.


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