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Valentines Day Cards Buying Guide for Lovers

Valentines Day Cards

There was a time when you needed to come up with a valentines in your class, you just need to sign your name twenty times and tape it on a heart shaped sucker. But as you got older, the valentine list got short which helped you to take time for something personal and meaningful. Speaking of which, Valentines Day Cards are a great way to express your feelings.

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These are not only time old classic but are also a symbolic gesture. The fact is, these are way better than the flirty text messages. So if you are convinced to get your loved one a card, we are helping you to pick the right one with the following instructions.

Importance of Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day Cards

The Valentines Day is celebrated as day of love. It’s an undeniable fact that popularity of this “love day” flooded the market with gifts and cards. Everyone wants to celebrate V-day in a different way. Most people prefer to present their loved ones, these presents are usually, flowers, chocolate, and candy. However, there are other consideration for Valentine’s Day as well. There are countless legends who showed the world that this day has its root in the Italian society. Going into history, there is s a story of a priest whose name was “Valentine”.

  • History

Valentines Day Cards

Want to know where all the fuss about Valentines Day Cards started? The story follows as soldiers were needed to fight for Emperor Claudius. The Emperor believed married men can never be good soldiers as they will prioritize their family instead of the Empire. Emperor Claudius also believed that married men would never leave their home, therefore, he eliminated the concept of marriage for anyone who was in the army.

As the legend followers, Priest Valentine secretly invited lovers and conducted their wedding. When the Emperor came to know about this, he had the Priest arrested. While the Priest was in Jail, in fell in love with the blind daughter of jailer. Before sending a letter, the Priest signed it as “From Your Valentine”. From that moment onwards, it became a catchword and is widely used today.

  • Mainstream Adoption

Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day Images:

Until 19th century. The significance of this day was only restricted to lovers who exchange love letters and Valentines Day Cards. By the end of 19th century, the importance of this day saw a revolutionizing change. People now started to share their love and affections. The fact is, this day always braced the beauty of human relationships. It’s now celebrated in different forms, for special ones including siblings, friends, teacher, family members, parents, and romantic interests.

  • It’s Value Today

Moving on, this day has now become the symbol of showing and expressing one’s emotions and love. Now, this day has become more of a trend or fashion for the young generation. In fact, everyone is devising a way to celebrate it romantically. Seeing to this, the mainstream selling of flowers gifts and Valentines Day Cards was introduced.

This day is widely celebrated in restaurants, clubs and hotels. The fact is, increasing commercialization of such an event has made the world to accept and like it. There are a number of different ways you can celebrate this event. You can send Valentines Day Cards to your loved ones, invite on a date, plan a special evening or activity with them and much more.

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  • Sending Out Greeting Cards

Valentines Day Cards

One particular way of celebrating this day is sending Funny Valentines Day Cards to your loved ones. To make the card special, there are different writings which are specifically made for this event. The fact is, today you can celebrate this event only by sending a card.  

How to Choose Valentines Day Cards

Selecting Valentines Day Cards is just like picking a greeting card for any other occasion, it’s a big deal! The problem is, you have to pick just one card for over a million designs by thousands of artists.  Choosing something like this can be confusing at first but this is something through which you will share your warmest feelings with someone special. To make sure you don’t pick something bad, following is a guide to help you with Valentines Day Cards.

Must Check:

Make a List of Reliable Shops: You need to step out and invest time in searching for the best shops to get a card from. You have to check as many shops as you can and check what quality they offer.

Learn What Type of Cards are Offered: In addition of checking out different resources, you also need to see what type of cards are offered. The different types of Valentines Day Cards are cards for kids, mothers, father, siblings, friends, teacher, Girlfriend/Wife, Boyfriend/Husband and others. There are also some Happy Valentines Day Images that can accommodate your needs.

Learn about Delivery and Price of Valentine Day Cards: After you have taken care of the above, you need to consider your budget, how much can you invest on a card and learn about the delivery details. It will save your skin.

See Their Payment Procedure: It will be better for you if you get a hint about their payment procedure, what different modes of payment they accept. It common for many that they choose a card and see their payment method is not accepted. This is frustrating and it better be avoided in the first place.

Buy Something that can be Personalized: You need to pay for something that you can add a personal touch to. Adding a personal touch to your Valentines Day Cards sure creates a positive impression. So don’t miss it out.

Make a List of People You will Buy for: Compile a list of people you will gift the card to, for different people you will need to choose different cards. But there won’t be any problem if you just select one card and send it to everyone.

Ask Around: When it comes to finalize your card, you need to be bold and ask someone around about the card, if it’s for a friend, go for Funny Valentines Day Cards. If it is for someone special, go for something romantic and flowery.

Finalize Something: Never wait for the last minute to buy Valentines Day Cards, this might be the stupidest thing you do. Also never delay the delivery of card, if you like something, pay for it, don’t late it. Don’t go for anything exclusive, something simple, such as a cute message will do.

Valentines Day Quotes/Message/SMS:

Tips to Buy Better

Tips to Buy Better

Valentine’s Day is coming fast and we are doomed to do something to make our special ones feel more special. Like it or hate it, but you have to celebrate the day just for your better half, or else they will make some assumptions. So you better avoid them all. With the above-mentioned guide for how to Buy Valentines Day Cards, you get the basic idea of how you should buy a greeting card for your valentine. But to help you make it extra special, we are giving you the following tips.

Order Online: This option has the widest array of possibilities and one of these are Valentines Day Cards.  There are many online shops that are trusted and reliable. To make sure, you can see their reviews. There is no doubt that you can get a flawless card from an online source. So get on it

Add a Photo: The best part of picking a card is you can always add Happy Valentines Day Images.  This gives you a personalization touch which is good. It makes your message more meaningful. This also shows your loved one that you have put extra effort in making the card which makes it one of a kind.  

Always Add Personal Message: You need to take some time and put your feelings in your Valentines Day Cards. Pre-wording on card is the hard part. Now you have to summarize that or add a personal story of your own. Just say everything you want but never find the chance or moment to. Try to make them shed a tear, it sure sounds cheesy but will definitely worth your effort.

Customize it: Your Valentines Day Cards won’t mean a thing if they don’t have a personal touch at all. You have to select something that you can add the recipient’s name on. Try to experiment a bit and have fun, you can always use a nickname or even a pet name on the card.

Pick a Card with Recipient in Mind: When you pick Valentines Day Cards, you have to remember who you are picking it for. It will be better if you get something that is funny, heartful, simple yet flirty. The fact is, card stores have easy filters to help you select the card you want to gift.

Sign off with a Message

You have to use the recipient’s niche name in your Valentines Day Cards which will make it a bit more personal and warm. If you want you can give more than just one card.

  • Has it really been xxx years? I will do it all over in a heartbeat
  • Wish you were here to spoil today
  • God is Good because he gave me you to love
  • I love all the adventures we have together
  • I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful (Husband/GF/BF/Wife) than you
  • You have no idea how sexy you are
  • You take my Breath away always
  • Thanks for being you and for being mine
  • This will sure be a kids in bed early kind of night, XOXOXO
  • I am so excited for sharing our first valentine day together, I hope its first of many to come
  • Tonight is all ours, I can’t wait to celebrate it with you
  • Wishing you the sweetest and happiest day, my forever Valentine
  • Happy Valentines Day, Gorgeous

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