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Tips to make Your Valentines Day Treats Perfectly

Valentines Day Treats

Cooking with chocolate can be tricky, right? Chocolate can easily get burned and gritty and thus ruin your Valentines Day Treats. Therefore you need to ensure your homemade chocolate concoctions are successful on Valentine’s Day. To make sure of it, we are giving you the a few expert tips. So pay close attention!

Tips to make Your Valentines Day Treats Perfectly

Valentines Day Treats

Melt It Perfectly

 If you are melting the chocolate on extreme temperature then the chocolate will be burned for sure, so lower the temperature.  In addition, cut the chocolate in small pieces. Doing this will help it to melt evenly and quickly. If you are working with white or milk chocolate, be careful because these can be scorched. The benefit of Dark Chocolate is won’t get burned as easily as these two, so you can cut it in bigger pieces. More Stuff Valentines Day Images and Happy Valentines Day Images.

Avoid using a regular pan to heat your chocolate. Opt for a melting it on top of a double boiler over shimmering water. To prevent scorching, you have to stir it from time to time.

The best way to melt chocolate is to do it in a microwave. You can heat it on medium for a couple of minutes and stir it from time to time.  In case the chocolate is not melted, you can put it back for another 2 minutes. Keep in mind, even if a drop of water touch the chocolate while you try to melt it, the chocolate will get stiff and grainy. So you can guess you can bid farewell to your Valentines Day Treats.

Make the Perfect Glaze

If you want to use chocolate to coat strawberries or glaze a cake, you will need some finesses as you need a smooth glossy finish. The best way to achieve it is tempering. This is when you heat the chocolate and let it cool down. For better results, you will need an instant read or infrared thermometer

Heat the Chocolate in Double Boiler between 110 to 115 F temperature. Whatever you do, make sure the temperature is not above 120 or it will scorch the chocolate. It can also get the chocolate grainy, separate, or even thick

Now take the melted chocolate off heat and stir it until it cools down a bit. You have to be careful about the temperature according to the chocolate you use. Once the chocolate is cooled down, it will be ready for dipping, therefore you will need to make it the last step before you serve your Valentines Day Treats.

Check Proportions

The Artisan Dark Chocolate bards have much more cocoa as compared to other bards. Therefore you will need to adjust according to the recipe by suing something which is specifically designed for them. If you don’t, then you treat will  become of a curdle.

To keep it from happening, you have to adjust the amount of cocoa in your chocolate against the type of chocolate you are supposed to use and how much you are going to add it. This will save your skin if you don’t get any specific type of chocolate you are supposed to use.


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